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Project Scope

1. Nail Bay Estates – waterfront land 148 acres, Virgin Gorda, BVI.


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Nail Bay Estates – 

Nail Bay is 148 acres of Crown Leased land – an additional lease has been procured from the BVI Government adding an additional 99 year lease extension to the original lease of which 55 years were remaining – this gives Nail Bay the land lease through year 2166. The property itself consists of two individual parcels. These are designated as Parcel 1/1 (lower 84 acres) and Parcel 1/2 (upper 64 acres). 

Parcel 1/1 – This is the lower parcel acreage that has been developed to date and has an existing development agreement signed with Government that allows Nail Bay to be free of custom duties, creates Pioneer status, etc, etc. There is fully installed infrastructure with standby generators and diesel plant that provides standby power if there is loss and 24/7 water supply. Roads are fully paved . This is the only development in the entire BVI that has full infrastructure with utilities to every improved (or unimproved lot). Of the 102 lots that make up the master plan – 54 remain available for sale that belong to the developer and valued (non retail) at appx $15.5 million.Parcel 1/2 – This consists of 64 acres or unimproved land that has recently been entitled for resort/medical tourism. It has been designated for and one of three possible options.

 1) Boutique Resort, or

 2) A medical Tourism facility that Government is very keen to see move forwards and would allow             Pioneer Status to anyone that builds this (meaning  significant  tax and import perks as well as           licenses), etc, or

3. As an exotic villa location. The site itself is simply amazing with remarkable views on 64 acres. It would  be  three  times  Mooney  Bay’s  size.  The  property  is  valued  at  $6.9  million. 

All of Nail Bay together is valued at North of $29.4 million.

Nail Bay Villas –

        Mystic Water – Existing three bedroom villa with two (x2) one bedroom casitas.

        Sugar Mill House – 3 bedroom 3 floor custom villa.

        Nail Bay Lots – Spectacular lots from sea level to high hillside – all with amazing views.

      Commercial Office Space –

 Calypso House commercial rental deal with Virgin Gorda Management Company Limited.

Anegada Beach Club –

This property consists of 9 acres of freehold land entirely located on beach front and is located at Keel Point on Anegada. There  is  an  existing  16  room  hotel  that  has  been   extensively  remodeled   with new furniture, air conditioning, and standby generator at a cost of $1.4 million. The property was originally appraised for $3.525 million. Including invested capital value is estimated at $4.925 million.